Deploying on Wordpress

Deploying on Wordpress

Written by Rémi Delhaye
Last update: Friday, Feb 05, 2021

Guess what?! We have a Wordpress plugin! tada

It is so easy to install it on your Wordpress site. All you have to do is follow these super simple steps:

  1. On your Wordpress account, go onto the Plugins tab on the left-hand side
  2. Select Add new at the top of the page
  3. Search for Xeno
  4. Click on Install now
  5. Click on Activate when installed
  6. When activated, go onto your Tools tab and click on Xeno
  7. Here, you can paste your public brand key. You can find this key on your Xeno account, in the Deploy section, from the left-hand side menu


Once you've completed these steps, all your visitor inquiries will be pushed from the Xeno chatbox, deployed on your website, to your Xeno account via dedicated channels.

From your Xeno account, you can customize pretty much anything to make sure the live chat is well-integrated with your WordPress layout!

Please note that from your WordPress, there is NO confirmation message once your widget key has been saved. No worries, though! wink - Thanks to the Xeno button (usually in the bottom right-hand corner) on your website, you'll know that your Xeno chatbox has successfully been deployed.

Also, it may be possible for you to see the Xeno live chat on your website while others cannot. Due to a strong internal policy about cache at WordPress, there may be a short delay. Don't worry about it though, it won't be too long. If you can see the widget on your end, everybody else will be able to see it shortly.


Easy steps to install our product on any platform!

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